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Short and sweet post with 4 years old photos (and incredibly, Bannock is still around). A modern bistro serving Canadian fare opposing Nathan Phillips Square, it’s a tasty choice when you need a break after Eaton Center shopping sprees.

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Bad Photos Club

The last entry was such an effort post between translating fish names into three languages and editing photos until my eyes bleed that this one will just be cleaning out some places & photos not good enough to warrant their own posts

Sichuan Garden

It’s a bit of a shame that I’ve been eating here long before I started recording tasting notes and photos of food, because while it’s not the most delicious or authentic Sichuan in the area, it’s super consistant for the last 10+ years I’ve been here. Just a really reliable place when when you want to fall back on something familiar, with it’s artifical garden in the entrance way and checkerboard carpeting, somehow pulling in just enough customers to stay afloat.

Tofu Fish (豆花鱼), Left: Okay, not as tender as their water cooked fish, flavor a tad too simple and lacking depth
Pork Blood & Intestine Stew (五更腸旺), Right: this had barely any intestines, but the flavors are nice and deep and the other offal pieces were tender and plentiful

Fuqi feipian (夫妻肺片): probably the best dish of the night; slices of perfectly cooked offal and meat infused with the flavors of peppercorn and chili oil, topped with peanuts and sesame seed. Spicy, aromatic and a smorgasbord of texture

Sichuan Garden – Yelp
359 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2G3

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Nice coffee place to hang out on Queen St., forgettable coffee though, not much to talk about other than the comfy ambience

Dark Horse Espresso Bar – Yelp
Dark Horse Espresso Bar
215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2C7

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Graffiti Alley/Gandhi Indian Cuisine

Dope ass place in Toronto to check out some beautiful street art, really easy to get through in 30 mins and had some really colourful, impressive pieces. Cap it off with some rotis at Gandhis. Too much image warning*, also some of the angles are real fucked up because the alleys are narrow and I can only back up so far.

Love this city 🇨🇦❤️
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