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Sushi Maumi & Ludovico Einaudi

One of my most anticipated restaurants in Vancouver, I had my interest piqued by the strict dining rules set out by the chef and the incredibly small space it operates in.

It ended being one of my fave experiences ever and definitely rank the highest for ‘bang for your buck’ (especially when compared to SF prices). There was a lot of variations in the nigiri choices which made it delightful yet still traditional, and prevented the flavors/textures from blurring together between pieces.

The smallness of the space and the lack of the usual sushi bar countertop display case (the one that holds all the ingredients) meant that you had a stellar close-up, unobstructed view of the chef’s performance no matter where you were seated (which is an integral part of why the the meal was so great, it was extremely satisfying to watching him slice the neta, cut the tendons, shape the shari, dip the wasabi and brush on the sauce with the grace and precision of a Tchaikovsky ballet).

No walk-ins, reservation required (with credit card) and no liquor license. Don’t take photos of anything but the food, I took these photos after asking his wife after the meal

Price: $75CAD for 11 courses and $32.25 for 6 additional pieces, the prices can be found in the menu below (TLDR: cheap for the experience and compared to other omakases I’ve had, they definitely don’t skimp). The neta was t h i c c, meaty and substantial enough to allow you to really savor the fish while the shari was perfectly flavored to highlight the natural sweetness of the rice, finished with the tang from the vinegar; near perfect ratio between the canvas and the paint.

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