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Eyelash Curlers Review: Shiseido vs. Surratt Beauty vs Shu Uemura

As someone who only wears mascara as part of their daily eye makeup routine, eyelash curlers also naturally becomes a vital prerequisite. I’m not genetically blessed enough to use either of these products standalone; curled lashes would undo itself without reinforcement from the mascara and no mascara has the power to lift my stick straight lashes by themselves.

Finding the right curler for your eyes is c r u c i a l, anything less and you’re just lying to yourself; bad signs include pinching, not being able to fit the lashes inside of the curler, no effect and worst: slicing off lashes (speaking from experience). The most effective way is to consult people’s review and trying them out personally to see which one best accomodate your eyes: mono/double lid, hooded/deep set, shape, width, arch, and all that jazz (for reference, I have upturned double lidded eyes, shallow-set in comparison to my face).

The curlers in the comparison chart above are Surratt, Shiseido, Shu Uemura:

Shu Uemura has the most narrow opening, almost half the size of Shiseido’s and Surratt’s opening which made it harder to angle my eyelashes to fit inside (almost like threading needles…) and more likely to pinch

Shu Uemura has the deepest curvature, the other two are more shallow, this might also be a factor since my eyes are pretty much level with my face so the Surratt and Shiseido’s more shallow curve ended up conforming better

Surratt opens the widest, almost a bit uncomfortable to extend it fully if you have shorter fingers.

I’m gonna come right out and say that although Shu Uemura seems to be the professonal-and-amateur agreed upon industry standard, it is a really goddamn bad curler for my eyes. It was my first non-drugstore curler purchased purely based on how many times it’s name came up, it ended up pinching like a mother and could never fit all of my lashes.

Surratt and Shiseido on the other hand with their nearly identical shapes, have become my HG go to’s for uniform, consistent results, I keep one in my bag and the other at home; they both hugs my lashline comfortably, getting every lash in one go and produce a nearly perpendicular, long lasting curl (I find that doing a series of multiple gentle pumps rather than one hard squeeze works much better).

Rough and quick overlay of all three curlers (each extended to the widest they can go and aligned by their baseline)

Shu Uemura

Although the most popular and lauded choice (and shiniest in silver), this curler is completely useless; pinches like a Catholic school nun and just wasn’t a good fit for my eyes because of it’s cramped opening and round curve (might be better suited if your eyes are more protruding?), it was a process in itself just trying to position the lashes inside for a good curl. It also could never get all my lashes in one go, as far as this curler is concerned the last fifth lashes on the outer corners of my eyes might as well be invisible.

Surratt Beauty

Bought one year during the Sephora VIB sale to satisfy my own curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by how well it matched Shiseido pound for pound. The all black packaging is quite luxe compared with the other two, a matte black curler inside a thick cardboard box (complete with a tag and a felt bag). The pad is jusstt slightly firmer than the Shiseido so the curve has a slightly harder angle, but it’s a barely noticeable difference.


The OG of eyelash curler, I’ve had this one for more than 8 years (shown by the fraying paint) and it has never let me down. The curler has a smooth black gunmetal finish (almost a cross between the other two) that’s holographic in the right light; the curvature and opening is pretty much perfect for my eyes, making the curling quick, painless and always reproduces a perfect, long lasting curve. The pad is slightly softer than other two, making for a slightly softer curve.

Random crap

Restocking via eaze, prices aren’t too bad for the convenience

😂 I respect the hustle ✊ that’s one way to promote a mixtape

Late night snack from whatever’s left in the cupboard (the dark spots are shrimp roes)

Chick-Fil-A run from another night

Vanilla shake, spicy chicken burger, waffle fries and nuggets with one of every sauce
Honestly speaking, and it may just be because it was half an hour before closing, but this was super mediocre even by fast food standards.

I will take the time to say that American McDonalds on average just serves slightly more substandard renditions, at least compared to their Canadian and Chinese counterparts (which while not Bib Gourmand by any means, produces pretty tasty stuff).In fact the only place I’ve had US McDonalds that’s comparable is in airports, likely due to the turnover。

(Especially McDonald China’s spicy wings, delicious 🔥 thick crunchy batter encasing juicy chicken wings, marinated to the bone with mouth blazing flavor)

  • Nuggets are limp and dry, I don’t know if this is just an off day, but these are anemic little things that are tough on the inside and Charmin soft on the outside, the one redeeming quality being that it is clearly pieces of actual chicken
  • Compared to the nuggets, the spicy chicken burger are at least OK? Not mind blowing but serviceable. Sandwiched between two soft, slight sweet buns that seems to be distant cousins of Hawaiian rolls and garnished with pickles, the thick piece of chicken patty was tender and moist enough (and again, discernible as an actual piece of meat) but lacking in flavor. This is as spicy as La Croix Pamplemousse is reminiscent of actual grapefruits.
  • Milk shake was great though, not-too-artificial vanilla flavor and good balance on the sweetness, creamy and thick
  • The waffle fries are probably the best thing and might even beat McDonalds. Fried to a golden brown, the shape’s additional surface area increases the ratio of outer crispyness, giving it a very satisfying crunch. But the waffles are thick enough for the inside to remain soft and fluffy, the textural contrast prevent it from feeling like like you’re just eating chips

  • Polynesian: This is really good, basically sweet and sour sauce but using much more mellow and natural flavor with an extra kick of garlic
  • Zesty Buffalo: I don’t like buffalo so this had no chance to begin with, too thin and sour for my taste
  • Honey Mustard:GOAT of all sauces, I miss when McDonalds used to have these on hand, these ones are heavier on the mustard and less sweet than the McD’s version
  • Honey Roasted BBQ: Taste exactly like what it is, love child of honey mustard and BBQ with a heavier emphasis on mustard, then a dollop of mayo for creaminess and thickness; smokey, sweet, creamy and with a bit of tang, pretty good if you like both flavors
  • Sweet and Spicy Sriracha: A blend between Thai sweet chili sauce and General Tso’s Chicken sauce, heavy on the ginger and really sweet, good for the first few bites but get tired fast
  • Garlic & Herb Ranch: I’m not huge on ranch, so I like that this isn’t too heavy on ranch, this is more like garlic mayo thinned out with some vinegar; creamy, strong garlic flavor with a little bit of tang at the end, pretty good
  • Barbeque: This is actually super interesting; there’s some really strong fruity notes to this, almost like strawberry/blueberry flavors in the sweet/tanginess. Unexpected but not off putting
  • Chick-Fil-A Sauce: ??? I had to go through three fries to pinpoint what I was tasting, the first notes I taste were unmistakably butterscotch caramel, a creamy sugary flavor with a honey aroma. The complexity from the BBQ flavor then slowly follows up, keeping it interesting enough to not be one dimensional and adding a smokey tang (it’s suppose to be ranch, honey mustard and BBQ)

??? I gave them the benefit of the doubt when reading the instructions and thought somehow they’ve developed microwavable aluminum foil containers, until I saw goddamn fireworks🎇🎆 going off

Some ice cream to calm my nerves

Duolingo has some interesting teaching materials

Comebuy, not great but mediocre bubble tea beats no bubble tea at all


Coletta Gelato

Coletta Gelato is housed in an adorable little nook off of 3rd street, and may be my favorite gelateria thus far (disclaimer: I have yet to visit Italy). The founders went to Gelato University and it shows, their nut flavors (pistachio, almond, gianduja) are by far the best I’ve had: just strong, full flavors and their other offerings (especially fruit sorbetto) are no slouch either.

The space itself is small but beautiful, lots of natural sunlight from the street facing window. The wood flooring, white tiles and pastel peach accents lends an organic, breezy feel to the place; there’s rows of glass jars lining the shelves, filled with gelato ingredients.
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Kose Sekkisei Lotion & Lotion Masks

Time to talk about a long time staple and one of the holy grail products in my skincare rotation. Kose Sekkosei Lotion is probably one of the most famous celebrity skincare products from Japan (along with SK-II facial essence and the Hada Labo Hyaluronic line) so I had to try it and see for myself.

From the website:

A mild, refreshing tonic that penetrates instantly to get rid of dullness and promotes an even, refined skin tone.

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Sushi Maumi & Ludovico Einaudi

One of my most anticipated restaurants in Vancouver, I had my interest piqued by the strict dining rules set out by the chef and the incredibly small space it operates in.

It ended being one of my fave experiences ever and definitely rank the highest for ‘bang for your buck’ (especially when compared to SF prices). There was a lot of variations in the nigiri choices which made it delightful yet still traditional, and prevented the flavors/textures from blurring together between pieces.

The smallness of the space and the lack of the usual sushi bar countertop display case (the one that holds all the ingredients) meant that you had a stellar close-up, unobstructed view of the chef’s performance no matter where you were seated (which is an integral part of why the the meal was so great, it was extremely satisfying to watching him slice the neta, cut the tendons, shape the shari, dip the wasabi and brush on the sauce with the grace and precision of a Tchaikovsky ballet).

No walk-ins, reservation required (with credit card) and no liquor license. Don’t take photos of anything but the food, I took these photos after asking his wife after the meal

Price: $75CAD for 11 courses and $32.25 for 6 additional pieces, the prices can be found in the menu below (TLDR: cheap for the experience and compared to other omakases I’ve had, they definitely don’t skimp). The neta was t h i c c, meaty and substantial enough to allow you to really savor the fish while the shari was perfectly flavored to highlight the natural sweetness of the rice, finished with the tang from the vinegar; near perfect ratio between the canvas and the paint.

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