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The last entry was such an effort post between translating fish names into three languages and editing photos until my eyes bleed that this one will just be cleaning out some places & photos not good enough to warrant their own posts

Sichuan Garden

It’s a bit of a shame that I’ve been eating here long before I started recording tasting notes and photos of food, because while it’s not the most delicious or authentic Sichuan in the area, it’s super consistant for the last 10+ years I’ve been here. Just a really reliable place when when you want to fall back on something familiar, with it’s artifical garden in the entrance way and checkerboard carpeting, somehow pulling in just enough customers to stay afloat.

Tofu Fish (豆花鱼), Left: Okay, not as tender as their water cooked fish, flavor a tad too simple and lacking depth
Pork Blood & Intestine Stew (五更腸旺), Right: this had barely any intestines, but the flavors are nice and deep and the other offal pieces were tender and plentiful

Fuqi feipian (夫妻肺片): probably the best dish of the night; slices of perfectly cooked offal and meat infused with the flavors of peppercorn and chili oil, topped with peanuts and sesame seed. Spicy, aromatic and a smorgasbord of texture

Sichuan Garden – Yelp
359 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2G3

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Nice coffee place to hang out on Queen St., forgettable coffee though, not much to talk about other than the comfy ambience

Dark Horse Espresso Bar – Yelp
Dark Horse Espresso Bar
215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2C7

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Sushi Maumi & Ludovico Einaudi

One of my most anticipated restaurants in Vancouver, I had my interest piqued by the strict dining rules set out by the chef and the incredibly small space it operates in.

It ended being one of my fave experiences ever and definitely rank the highest for ‘bang for your buck’ (especially when compared to SF prices). There was a lot of variations in the nigiri choices which made it delightful yet still traditional, and prevented the flavors/textures from blurring together between pieces.

The smallness of the space and the lack of the usual sushi bar countertop display case (the one that holds all the ingredients) meant that you had a stellar close-up, unobstructed view of the chef’s performance no matter where you were seated (which is an integral part of why the the meal was so great, it was extremely satisfying to watching him slice the neta, cut the tendons, shape the shari, dip the wasabi and brush on the sauce with the grace and precision of a Tchaikovsky ballet).

No walk-ins, reservation required (with credit card) and no liquor license. Don’t take photos of anything but the food, I took these photos after asking his wife after the meal

Price: $75CAD for 11 courses and $32.25 for 6 additional pieces, the prices can be found in the menu below (TLDR: cheap for the experience and compared to other omakases I’ve had, they definitely don’t skimp). The neta was t h i c c, meaty and substantial enough to allow you to really savor the fish while the shari was perfectly flavored to highlight the natural sweetness of the rice, finished with the tang from the vinegar; near perfect ratio between the canvas and the paint.

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Coffee Culture & Super Duper Burger Breakfast

Family Portrait👪

But first, a beautiful day in downtown SF to get some caffeine at Coffee Culture:

Had a barista that was super sweet that day, even though there was a line, they kept it movin’

Beans: Big Trouble from Counter Culture

I’ve had multiple visits to Coffee Culture and tbh, there were better ones.

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I am Retro Exclusive: Kidrobot Simpsons Jade Homer Buddha / Kidrobot Gloomy Bear

Anybody who knows me knows what Simpsons means to me, I already own the regular color 3 inch Homer Buddha (sitting on my office desk) but when I saw this 🔥🔥🔥 colourway I knew I had to have it (there’s also a gold colourway but tbh the paint job looks a tad cheap).

The 3 inch version is nice as a small desktop figurine, the large one is great as more of a centerpiece, both are beautiful and come packaged in a green edition box with Chinese takeout-esque lettering.

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Burberry Full Kisses 521 Rose Apricot + YSL Rouge Pur Couture 52 Rouge Rose

Went into Sephora the other day for a bit of retail therapy

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Equator Coffee/Sightglass Coffee

One of two outposts in the SoMa area, the other one is inside the LinkedIn public space on third

Beautiful interior and mural in SoMa, a lotta concrete + wood on the inside, a little cramped feeling, low counter to the left and right counters to the right of the store

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Trou Normand

Originally we were suppose to be at Zuni for their famous roasted chicken but unfortunately the in person wait is 2 hour (super disappointed since it’s one of my favorite things to eat ), the upside is that we we ended up at Trou Normand and had a fantastic meal anyways.

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Graffiti Alley/Gandhi Indian Cuisine

Dope ass place in Toronto to check out some beautiful street art, really easy to get through in 30 mins and had some really colourful, impressive pieces. Cap it off with some rotis at Gandhis. Too much image warning*, also some of the angles are real fucked up because the alleys are narrow and I can only back up so far.

Love this city 🇨🇦❤️
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Logjam Cafe

Logjam was a limited time pop up at the Yerba Buena Center to accompany the Tom Sachs’ Space Program: Europa from Sep 2016-Jan 2017 (so don’t bother going now don’t go there don’t go there don’t go there). The cafe itself was effortlessly cool and a mini art exhibition itself, and on top of that they make one of the better lattes I’ve had in the bay (beans from ‘Brooklyn-based boutique roaster Lofted Coffee‘)

A NASA truck parked outside, IIRC there was some chairs and coffee machines inside.
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Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit/Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set/Maxi Deluxe Set

Yes it’s a long ass title but I really want to knock these out all in one post since it’s essentially the same thing in different colors.

Around two years ago I got suckered into clicking on their original kickstarter via a FB ad and was completely smitten with their pitch re:the advertised speed, convenience and cleanness, plus it’s so.cute.

Regular nails are just trash, my record for chipping is 10 mins after a mani because apparently I’m just clawing fucking gravel all day (my girlfriends always think I’m exaggerating but it’s 💯 true). I also can’t apply them for shit because I have the damn alcoholic shakes so I gotta go back with the nail polish remover and repeat with as many nails as I can before getting KOed by the fumes.

In comparison, gel nails with a top coat will last me around 4-5 days before starting to chip, which is still short compared to other people (I honestly don’t know how people last two weeks before a chip, y’all just potato all day in bed?) but much better; the polish doesn’t set without a lamp so you can just wipe off the gnarly-ness; they have less odor (but I still wouldn’t apply with someone next to you) aaaaand I love being able to repair and redo individual nails on my own time (not to mention 💸💸💸 you save).

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