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A little bit of everything

I have an actual post lined up but the past month has been crazzzzzzzyyyyy so I haven’t been able to work on anything I’d really like

A live look at me the last 30 days

So this is just a frankenstein post to get rid of some miscellaneous photos before the next post (which is a huge, proper tasting menu one): a little bit of street art, a little bit of random food and a whole bunch of other crap

SOMA street art

Gorgeous pieces of work from the streets of San Francisco in the SOMA neighbourhood, circa Sep. 2017

Food and Other Crap

Safeway’s hot counter fried chicken is pretty decent when you’re in the mood for grease

I haven’t eaten burger king in a very long time so I sort of went out all out, this will tide me over for another 2 years

Poke salad to balance it out

Not bad for the price, not as carbonated as Crystal Geyser and the flavors are a bit artificial, but it’s cheap

Akai Bohshi Pink Box, pretty good but not that memorable, worth trying once

Duolingo trying to put people in the hospital with these kind of lessons

Unexpected plug, I would DIE if SKII did a limited edition bottle with Junji Ito, collab of my dreams

I didn’t buy this

… but I did buy this

Kids are flourishing 💅🏼

The only way to fly, every duty free in the world carry these small bottles of Bombay Sapphire (on another note, Tim Horton opened up it’s first store in China, I really didn’t think I would be able to order a double double in Shanghai during my lifetime)

Filters, turning Subways into Ike’s

Twitter trying to sub me

Dining in, ribs and dumplings

Coletta Gelato

Coletta Gelato is housed in an adorable little nook off of 3rd street, and may be my favorite gelateria thus far (disclaimer: I have yet to visit Italy). The founders went to Gelato University and it shows, their nut flavors (pistachio, almond, gianduja) are by far the best I’ve had: just strong, full flavors and their other offerings (especially fruit sorbetto) are no slouch either.

The space itself is small but beautiful, lots of natural sunlight from the street facing window. The wood flooring, white tiles and pastel peach accents lends an organic, breezy feel to the place; there’s rows of glass jars lining the shelves, filled with gelato ingredients.
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Sushi Maumi & Ludovico Einaudi

One of my most anticipated restaurants in Vancouver, I had my interest piqued by the strict dining rules set out by the chef and the incredibly small space it operates in.

It ended being one of my fave experiences ever and definitely rank the highest for ‘bang for your buck’ (especially when compared to SF prices). There was a lot of variations in the nigiri choices which made it delightful yet still traditional, and prevented the flavors/textures from blurring together between pieces.

The smallness of the space and the lack of the usual sushi bar countertop display case (the one that holds all the ingredients) meant that you had a stellar close-up, unobstructed view of the chef’s performance no matter where you were seated (which is an integral part of why the the meal was so great, it was extremely satisfying to watching him slice the neta, cut the tendons, shape the shari, dip the wasabi and brush on the sauce with the grace and precision of a Tchaikovsky ballet).

No walk-ins, reservation required (with credit card) and no liquor license. Don’t take photos of anything but the food, I took these photos after asking his wife after the meal

Price: $75CAD for 11 courses and $32.25 for 6 additional pieces, the prices can be found in the menu below (TLDR: cheap for the experience and compared to other omakases I’ve had, they definitely don’t skimp). The neta was t h i c c, meaty and substantial enough to allow you to really savor the fish while the shari was perfectly flavored to highlight the natural sweetness of the rice, finished with the tang from the vinegar; near perfect ratio between the canvas and the paint.

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Trou Normand

Originally we were suppose to be at Zuni for their famous roasted chicken but unfortunately the in person wait is 2 hour (super disappointed since it’s one of my favorite things to eat ), the upside is that we we ended up at Trou Normand and had a fantastic meal anyways.

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Graffiti Alley/Gandhi Indian Cuisine

Dope ass place in Toronto to check out some beautiful street art, really easy to get through in 30 mins and had some really colourful, impressive pieces. Cap it off with some rotis at Gandhis. Too much image warning*, also some of the angles are real fucked up because the alleys are narrow and I can only back up so far.

Love this city 🇨🇦❤️
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Logjam Cafe

Logjam was a limited time pop up at the Yerba Buena Center to accompany the Tom Sachs’ Space Program: Europa from Sep 2016-Jan 2017 (so don’t bother going now don’t go there don’t go there don’t go there). The cafe itself was effortlessly cool and a mini art exhibition itself, and on top of that they make one of the better lattes I’ve had in the bay (beans from ‘Brooklyn-based boutique roaster Lofted Coffee‘)

A NASA truck parked outside, IIRC there was some chairs and coffee machines inside.
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Bottlerock 2015

Yes, I’m well aware what year it is, just spring cleaning out the backlog. It’s been so long that as I was going through the Bottlerock emails to gather some info and … found out that my ass really payed a whole hundred.and.twenty. American dollar for this.

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Chihuly Garden and Glass

Clearing out some old photos from Seattle 2015, Chihuly was included as part of the CityPASS (we got it since it was easier to manage as a large group). Personally I don’t think CityPASS was worth it, but Chihuly’s drop dead gorgeous and easily the favorite of the attractions offered.

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