A little bit of everything

I have an actual post lined up but the past month has been crazzzzzzzyyyyy so I haven’t been able to work on anything I’d really like

A live look at me the last 30 days

So this is just a frankenstein post to get rid of some miscellaneous photos before the next post (which is a huge, proper tasting menu one): a little bit of street art, a little bit of random food and a whole bunch of other crap

SOMA street art

Gorgeous pieces of work from the streets of San Francisco in the SOMA neighbourhood, circa Sep. 2017

Food and Other Crap

Safeway’s hot counter fried chicken is pretty decent when you’re in the mood for grease

I haven’t eaten burger king in a very long time so I sort of went out all out, this will tide me over for another 2 years

Poke salad to balance it out

Not bad for the price, not as carbonated as Crystal Geyser and the flavors are a bit artificial, but it’s cheap

Akai Bohshi Pink Box, pretty good but not that memorable, worth trying once

Duolingo trying to put people in the hospital with these kind of lessons

Unexpected plug, I would DIE if SKII did a limited edition bottle with Junji Ito, collab of my dreams

I didn’t buy this

… but I did buy this

Kids are flourishing 💅🏼

The only way to fly, every duty free in the world carry these small bottles of Bombay Sapphire (on another note, Tim Horton opened up it’s first store in China, I really didn’t think I would be able to order a double double in Shanghai during my lifetime)

Filters, turning Subways into Ike’s

Twitter trying to sub me

Dining in, ribs and dumplings