Short and sweet post with 4 years old photos (and incredibly, Bannock is still around). A modern bistro serving Canadian fare opposing Nathan Phillips Square, it’s a tasty choice when you need a break after Eaton Center shopping sprees.

Left: Some sort of coffee cocktail???? My earlier taste in alcohol is very questionable, anyways it wasn’t that great, the coffee and alcohol didn’t really mix well and clashed in taste
Right: Some kind of Hot toddy spiced apple cider, better than the coffee

Green Mac and Cheese: This had a generous amount of peas, spinach, broccoli and mustard greens but thankfully didn’t taste healthy. Nice golden blistered layer of cheese on top, the sauce was creamy and flavorful and the noodles cooked to a perfect al dente bite.

I love a classic, unadulterated mac’n’cheese (and reserve a special place for it) but I also like the extra mix-ins, everything from seafood to hotdogs for the extra flavor and textures; in this case especially, I couldn’t have eaten the entire thing without the vegetables to balance the richness out.

Duck fat potato: incredibly good; fluffy and tender with a robust, meaty flavor from the duck fat without being gamey and finished with a scattering of scallions for some fresh accents. I believe the other dish is some sort of enchiladas?

Bannock – Yelp

Kara’s cupcakes, not bad but not outstanding

Alas, their desperate prayers fell on silent ears within the altar of Github

I feel like it’s time for a brand to reevaluate their photoshop policy when your models look like they’re afflicted with an advanced case of rickets

Well damn, Ticketmaster

I got way too hype for a second until I realized they’re talking about fucking hairstyle trends

????? Does God know you’re tithing, with CREDIT CARD FRAUD, MA’AM ???? WHERE THEY DO THAT AT IN THE BIBLE!?

Picked this up for the bottle, but pretty tasty, makes me feel like a millenial

Revisiting art. 🎨

Pornhub is w-i-l-d.

For many, many years, Maggie Cheung’s looks in In the Mood for Love have been my benchmark for wearing qipaos, she wore those dresses to the absolute pinnacle of their beauty 🌸