The Prisoner – Kuma Kush by Luke Chueh

The first edition of The Prisoner – Kuma Kush colorway by Luke Chueh and Munky King; I got two hoping for the flocked chase (didn’t get lucky, oh well); you can see how prominent the pharmaceutical theme is featured in the packaging.

Ma la tang skewer, ranch 99 bbq meat (serviceable) and a very good boy

Eggs Benedict, and a gif because I have too much time (it was delicious 🍳)

For whatever reason oversea Fuzhounese restaurants always think they can substitute fen gan (粉干) with thick rice noodles even though they are readily available in the grocery next door (so not an issue of supply). They look the same but the fen gan I grew up with all adds a very slight tang to the dish which is irreplicable with regular rice noodles, so the only way to get the same taste is to cook it at home.