Coletta Gelato

Coletta Gelato is housed in an adorable little nook off of 3rd street, and may be my favorite gelateria thus far (disclaimer: I have yet to visit Italy). The founders went to Gelato University and it shows, their nut flavors (pistachio, almond, gianduja) are by far the best I’ve had: just strong, full flavors and their other offerings (especially fruit sorbetto) are no slouch either.

The space itself is small but beautiful, lots of natural sunlight from the street facing window. The wood flooring, white tiles and pastel peach accents lends an organic, breezy feel to the place; there’s rows of glass jars lining the shelves, filled with gelato ingredients.

The evolving menu is comprised of a selection of classic, seasonal and weekly flavors; the staff is exceedingly patient and friendly, especially the outstanding service with providing samples (sadly not an industry standard 😒)

Sampled vanilla which was great, very strong, reminds of the vanilla tart from the Alexander’s Patisserie: a sweet, smooth unadulterated vanilla flavor

Passionfruit: Really intense passionfruit flavor that taste like a vacaion in Hawai’i, very tart and refreshing; if you’re a sour fiend this is the one, it will send your saliva glands into overdrive

Almond: What I consider their superstar flavor, easily the best rendition of the flavor I’ve had. The texture is incredibly creamy and thick without being heavy or cloying, and the flavor focuses on emphasizing the lighter, natural nutty taste of almonds rather than the stronger, deeper marzipan-like notes common with most almond gelato/ice creams

So good.

Also pictures from a previous visit (before they updated the menu board and label); as a side note there’s limited seating in-store: a small table for 2/3 people, a counter against the window and a bench outside (but good gelato don’t last that long anyways)

White peach: lighter than I was expecting on flavor, still good and unmistakably made from natural peaches, both of these are very light and airy compared to other flavors, almost like frozen mousse

Strawberry: Better than the peach, stronger flavor and there’s real seed inside; the fruitiness isn’t quite as concentrated as some I’ve had and takes really savoring the gelato to notice it

Coletta Gelato
Coletta Gelato – Yelp

685 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA

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