Galette, Clafouti, Cake

Like the title says, a 90% photo post of nothing but some baked goods that came out pretty good

Peach Galette

Personally I though the peaches look better raw, but still turned out beautiful (and very very delicious)

Gâteau Invisible/Invisible Apple Cake

One of my favorite recipes because it’s around 70% fruit but doesn’t taste healthy, I’ve made this countless times (evident below). The site that I got the original recipe from is no longer around but there’s tons of similar recipes (or just google the name)

I think I baked these who those apple rose muffin things were going around, so this is just a larger and more impressive version of it (took literally 1 hour to assemble with my unskilled hands, so only do it for someone you actually love)

A more “blossomed” one I did when I was lazy shorter on time (the sugar melted more on this one which is why it’s so damn shiny)

However, most of the time they’ll look like these at home (all of them taste the same, just diff batter/fruit ratio) :

Pear Clafouti

Adapted from Julia Child’s recipe, this looks misshapened because it decided to break in two when I was removing it from the pan 🤷🏻‍♀️

Other Crap

From Popbar:
Green Tea (with toffee crunch and white chocolate drizzle): the toffee crunch was a bit extra but thankfully not too sweet, the matcha had a deep and strong flavor (even a nice bitter finish at the end)
Coconut (with dark chocolate and desiccated coconut): pretty good, creamy and not too sweet, the only thing is that somehow all the coconut pooled at the bottom of the popsicle

Succulent family portrait from quite a while back, there’s a couple more pots now

Baby photos from when I first brought them home

Linguini with whatever’s left in the fridge

You can tell how old these photos are because this is from when the Naked Taco first debuted (Jan 2017), taste exactly as you’d expect and not bad, my only gripe is that the chicken is too thin to really hold up to the filling/breading/frying, a thicker cut would really make the chicken’s presence more substantial and prevent it from getting too greasy

Trader Joe’s probably accounts for 50% of the reason why I’m still in the US, hands down favorite grocery store bar none

Their in house rum/vodka isn’t bad, but the Art of the Still Organic Gin is definitely the breakout star. It has a strong lavender note rather than juniper so while it’s not for the gin traditionalists, it’s one of the more unique yet drinkable liquor I like to keep stocked

Trader Joe’s Caneles! Exceedingly close to the real thing for something that came from a frozen box and could pass for one that came from a patisserie (aside from a slightly too soft center)

Potlock dinner at friends, hope everyone stays fat and fed <3