Kidrobot Dunny 2009 – Luke Chueh / Medicom KAWS Kubrick Bus Stop

Spotted these while browsing be@rbricks on ebay and thought both was cheap enough to bite the bullet. Post is a bit picture heavy

Medicom KAWS Kubrick 100% Bus Stop #1

Kidrobot Dunny 2009 – Luke Chueh: Luke Chueh was among the first artists I started following (another being Andrew Bell of Dead Zebra) when I was fucking around on the internet back in the early 2000 and now I’m finally in a place to actually start buying some of his work.

And now some completely unrelated photos I found:

Back in university when I HAD to enroll in a course during a particular semester (because it was a prerequisite and would’ve derailed my scheduled classes for latter semesters) but it was full, ended up writing a macro to automatically check the class and enroll when a spot opened up.

Caught Siri lacking

?? I really have nothing better to do than sexually harass AIs all day


Almond crisps: So delicious for something so simple, failproof recipe